Pyrodigital ™ System Description

The first and most used firing technology in the world

Pyrodigital™ Firing System

The Pyrodigital firing system is one of the most versatile and reliable computerized firing systems out there.

The Pyrodigital Firing System is used by the top Professionals worldwide…

The Pyrodigital Firing System and Show Director software have been used by more Winners in Fireworks Competitions Worldwide. Winners of the Montreal Competition using Pyrodigital and Show Director include: 19 Gold Jupiter, 9 Silver Jupiter, 7 Bronze Jupiter.

From world class displays, to the largest shows and live tours, to major theme parks, PYRODIGITAL FIRING SYSTEM has proven to be the most advanced, reliable and trusted firing system available.

Pyrodigital is installed in more Theme Parks Worldwide than any other system.
Disney Florida-California-Tokyo-Paris, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Six Flags, Sentosa…

Pyrodigital was the 1st. digital firing system and is still the most widely used Firing System in the World.

Safe. Reliable. Consistent. Trusted. What you need in a firing system.

The impeccable reputation of reliability of the system and the quality and variety of the choreographic possibilities that offers, make of it the Tool of choice for the most important fireworks companies and theme parks around the world.

The most prestigious displays worldwide are displayed with the Pyrodigital technology, from The Statue of Liberty, to Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Pyramids of Giza, The Sydney Bridge, The Seattle Space Needle, The Olympic Games of Los Angeles, Sydney, Atlanta, Universal Exhibitions in Vancouver, Brisbane, Sevilla, Several Gold Jupiters in the Montreal fireworks competitions, Theme parks such as, World Disney World, DisneyLand, Tokyo DisneyLand, Universal Studios, Six Flags, and many other.

The Pyrodigital firing system is one of the most flexible and reliable computerized firing systems out there. PyroInnovations tutorial topics will only give you a glimpse at all the features of the PD system. Included are basic operation as well as advanced concepts for all levels of understanding. It is recommended that you go through the “Basic Theory of Operation” before continuing to the other topics.

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