Visual Show Director. PyroCreator 4D. FX Generator. ShowDirector CONTROL.

This area is reserved for users of Infinity Visions software and give you access to:


  1. Latest Library of Particles. (ParticleLibrary.lib) . Put this file in Program Files(86)/ShowDirector8/Visual/Resources/Particles
  2. Latest Library of Effects.
  3. Single FX Generator effects (.fx). You can import them to your Library.
  4. Effects Managers with Visual Reference codes.
  5. Grid Layouts. A collection of Custom Layouts for different firing systems and Scripting modes.
  6. Color Palettes for FXGenerator.

Demo Projects

Create a folder with name “SHOWDIRECTOR” in your drive C:  Inside SHOWDIRECTOR another called PROJECTS
Put the unzipped folder in that folder. All files of the project will open with the correct project paths to them.
The directory extension will look like this:  C:\SHOWDIRECTOR\PROJECTS\UEFA2017
Show Director Windows and Panels may appear differently in different screen resolutions. Projects are made in a 1920×1080 resolution.

Complete Visual Show Director and PyroCreator projects.

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