Pyro Creator 4D

PyroCreator, the leader and first 3D Fireworks simulation software with drag and drop visual user interface, is FREE NOW!

Published for the first time in 2004 has evolved into the premier educational software for students, fireworks amateurs and professionals for small shows.
As an educational tool for schools is offered free with a curriculum to lean different materials, such as math, physics, music scoring, color theory, 3D environment orientation, etc.
Read our paper TEACHING MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS BY DESIGNING PYROTECHNIC DISPLAYS and presentation in the 16th International Symposium on Fireworks in Omagari, Japan. 




Design your shows in the real 3D world, not just on a flat canvas. Unlimited possible environments, skies, buildings, anywhere...Place, Move and Record your cameras for different viewing perspectives.


The best software available to learn how to create three dimensional fireworks shows. Use multiple models and switch sites at run time. Ask us for our educational curriculum for schools designed using the guidelines of Washington State EARL in the subjects of Math, Science, Technology and Art.


You can learn it in 2 hours. That is it. Drag and Drop operation. Use template projects and existing sites


The most inexpensive solution for the amateur to be creative beyond imagination. If you can not make a real fireworks show you can do it with PyroCreator. Multiple license options; lifetime, rent it by week, month, year.


It is easy to share your projects with the zipping command and give to your friends to see or work on. Make videos within the same application or VSD Player 3D particle animations.


The best tool to review and edit professional VisualShowDirector projects. Fully compatible, imports and Exports complete projects, sites and scripts. You can export scripts made in PyroCreator to excel and use then in any other software or firing system.

It is not 2D fireworks on 3D models like other programs.
This is the only software that allows you to conceive and design authentic 3D fireworks instantly, in real time and in MULTIPLE 2D and  3D spaces.
It comes ready to go with thousands of effects and with FXGenerator to transform or create your own !

  • Why 4D? 3 Dimensional space + time dimension = 4D
  • PyroCreator 4D: The most intuitive pyrotechnic design and simulation software ever.
    We’ve made PyroCreator 4D even more fun to use, it can be used as a stand alone visual design for amateurs or as a fast sketch pad for Visual Show Director professional users, all in one visual interface.
  • Easy to Learn, Fast and reliable: Simple to use, with new tools to quickly place positions. Drag and drop from a large library of effects to positions in selected music cues… Creating a show is a snap!
  • Gazillions of Free 3D Models available from Google 3D Warehouse*: We made it easier to find and use models around the world from Sketchup* and Google 3D Warehouse. PyroCreator 4D directly opens Sketchup models in addition to 3D Studio Max* .3ds. Choose any model and create your fireworks event on it. Access Google 3D Warehouse right from the application toolbar link to your browser.
  • Google 3D Warehouse* Model Navigator:You can use PyroCreator 4D simply as a model navigator, load many models, and change from one model to another on cues placed in a soundtrack. You have full camera navigation controls and timing. Render to Video or to a VSD Player particle animation file.
  • More Realistic! Smoke, Wind, Drag and Fade, Stars core illumination. New effects with new particles and more coming…

Exchange, collaborate and share!

With PyroCreator 4D, you can exchange models with positions ready and also exchange entire shows for a collaborative team design.
With PyroCreator 4D you can easily render your shows to video and upload them to Youtube* or other services.
Publish PyroCreator 4D shows at the highest particle animation quality with the free VSD Player. Your audience will be able to navigate and control the show viewing in a real time 3D Environment just as you see it in PyroCreator 4D.

Licensing Options:

One Permanent License Dual Installation on 2 Computers
You can install and authorize two computers with one unique license. Only one computer can run at the same time. If you want to use in a second computer the first one has to be logged out for at least one hour. After that you do not have to be online to use the software.You can register a new computer up to 4 times.

Corporate Permanent License. This is a Multi Software license
If your company has purchased 1 Permanent license, contact us for your Discount on Multiple Licenses.

Timed Use License. Not necessary to be online to use it.
Show Director can be rented for online use for periods of one week up to months at a very affordable cost. Use it as you need it for the periods of the year when you need it, anywhere in the world. You can install and authorize two computers with one unique license. Only one computer can run at the same time. You can register a new computer up to 4 times.

Demo License
Fully functional low cost demo versions are available for one week period.
It is required to be online with no disconnections longer than one hour.

Easy Registration and Activation Online in 3 steps:

  1. When you open the software it connects to our Registration-Activation online form.
  2. Enter Your Serial Number and installation Id.
  3. Receive your Activation Code and begin using the software.

System Requirements: We recommend a machine with at least 1.7ghz CPU and 256MB (512 or more recommended) of RAM with a dedicated video card (Nvidia or ATI) with at least 64MB (128MB recommended) of dedicated RAM.

Pyro Creator 4D

PyroCreator 4D is the most intuitive pyrotechnic design software ever. With PyroCreator 4D, you can create your pyrotechnic shows with many different effects and combinations of effects; flares, gerbs, strobes, comets, serpents, tourbillions, rockets, mines, roman candles, cakes, peonies, chrysanthemums, color change shells, multibreaks, etc.


Complete feature list of the PyroCreator 4D:


ALL IN ONE interface.
Viewer with direct placement of positions. Cameras, Storyboard for copying, cutting , pasting, offsetting scenes or groups of cues. Effects, Models and Cues panels. Drag and drop operation with minimal typing.


show_models_formMultiple 3D Models in one show.
You can place as many models as your computer memory can handle and switch from one to another instantly in any cue.


googleDirect Access to Google 3D Warehouse.
Access 3D Models from the toolbar.
PyroCreator 4D can open directly Google Sketchup 6.0 models.


create_positionPreview of Effects.
See any effect from the library fired from any selected positions just by double clicking, before you insert a cue.


changeShellParametersPreview Angles and Orientations.

Work with the vectors diagram to set your angles and preview the placement of the effects in the sky. Full Pan and Tilt controls for a real 3D firing experience.


anglesChoose Pre set Firing Patterns.

You can choose from pre existing firing patterns and create and store your own.


camera_movementCamera Movements.
Easy to place camera views and transitions to create traveling motion around the 3D environment.


show_effects_formEffects Libraries.
You can use effect libraries made with Visual Show Director FX Generator or with FXCreator the new generation of effects.


show_cue_list_formCue List.
You can preview in text row format a complete list of your cues. Non editable.


show_cue_effects_formEffects in Cues.
You can edit any effect dropped into a cue and/or position in the Effect Cue Panel, with snapshot visualization, angle, calibers and durations. Transform effects into new ones by combining them.


A wizard screen will help you step by step to start your projects and select the necessary files.


select_positionPositions Editing.
Unprecedented manipulation of the positions in the same display viewer window. Select one or more positions and change vectors direction. angles, names, rotations.


import_sceneStoryboard for Scene Editing.
Create scenes from cues, copy, cut, move. Export favorite scenes and reuse them in future shows with the Import Scenes tool.


Pyro Creator 4D Pro

Download Demo Projects from:

Additional Feature:


Visual Show Director Compatible.
Import and Export shows for exchange between Pyro Creator 4D and the professional version Visual Show Director. Shows made with Light & Laser Beams and Object animations will play in PyroCreator4D.
The easiest way to start sketching a show for further development in Visual Show Director.
PyroCreator4D does not download directly to professional firing systems or contain a script editable database.
PyroCreator 4D exports the script file to Visual Show Director that can be converted to any other formats with:
ShowDirectorTools , brings the unparalleled power of Show Director and Visual Show Director to all pyrotechnic designers no matter what firing software or hardware they use.

is a universal scripting, timecode conversion, audio-timecode edition and download applications suite.



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