The FX Generator is a FREE application used to create your 3Dimensional Effects and Libraries to be used in VisualShowDirector and PyroCreator.

FXGenerator is a must have tool for any manufacturer. It will help to reduce enormous time and work on effects construction and testing rehearsals.
It will allow to design color combinations, stars quantities, types, duration, forces and many other parameters in a firework effect, in 3D. Once you have the virtual appearance perfected you can make a video and send to your customers for review and build it!

With the FXGenerator you will produce Visual Reference codes for the Effects that are associated with your effects inventory in the Effects Manager and translated to the Visual Reference field in the Script Manager.
This allows the Viewer to display and animate your shows.

The FX Generator comes with a Template Library of hundreds of generic effects that you can use as are or duplicate and change to custom requirements.
The effects in the Template Library are grabbed to produce your own Libraries. It is easy to learn to create effects by looking at the structures of existing ones.

You create pattern effects by drawing them in the Physical Structure panel of the shells or in Plane Layers. Any pattern can be created to be shot from the air or the ground. You can also obtain a Script with the individual shooting angles for each projectile. A unique feature of FxGenerator!
The effects can be refined to increase the realism as much as you want. You can also expand your imagination to create effects out of this world…

You can see the effects from different perspectives and render videos of each effect directly from the application.

FxGenerator is a flexible, creative, fun tool to use that can be learned in one day and take your imagination far beyond…

For complete details on the FX Generator, please refer to its User’s Guide or Video Tutorials

Licensing Options:

One Permanent License Dual Installation on 2 Computers
You can install and authorize two computers with one unique license. Only one computer can run at the same time. If you want to use in a second computer the first one has to be logged out for at least one hour. After that you do not have to be online to use the software.You can register a new computer up to 4 times.

Corporate Permanent License. This is a Multi Software license
If your company has purchased 1 Permanent license, contact us for your Discount on Multiple Licenses.

Online Timed Use License
Show Director can be rented for online use for periods of one week up to months at a very affordable cost. Use it as you need it for the periods of the year when you need it, anywhere in the world. You can install and authorize two computers with one unique license. Only one computer can run at the same time. You must always be online to use the Online Version. You can register a new computer up to 4 times.

Demo License
Fully functional low cost demo versions are available for one week period.
It is required to be online with no disconnections longer than one hour.




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