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InfinityVisions Software – Soft-key Security
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    How does it work?

    The InfinityVisions products now use a software security key rather than the out dated hardware security key (a dongle). Hardware dongle based security has been removed and will no longer be supported. The new process is simpler, faster, more secure, more flexible for simple updates and upgrades online and easier to replace if lost or stolen. You will no longer be required to send keys in or receive keys by mail.

    You can purchase a complete license, or use the option to purchase time on line as needed.

    Existing Dongles will continue to work in older versions but if you upgrade you will need to send in your Dongle Key for replacement.

    There are two types of licenses: ONLINE and PERMANENT.

    You will be provided with a unique, GUID based serial number.

    This number will be used for all installations of this version of software.

    When the software is installed and run for the first time, shows the Activation form.

    Here you select the product you purchased and enter the serial number you received.

    Then press the button to activate the product that will take you to a web page on the Infinity Visions site where you will fill out the registration form.

    Once completed, the web page will generate the unlocking code you need.

    After copying the code from the web page or the confirmation email sent to you, you paste it into the unlock code entry box on the Activation form and press Ok.

    Your software will be activated and ready to run.

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    One Permanent License – Dual Installation on 2 Computers

    You can install and authorize two computers with one unique license. Only one computer can run at the same time. If you want to use in a second computer the first one has to be logged out for at least one hour. After that you do not have to be online to use the software.

    You can register a new computer up to 4 times.

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    Corporate Permanent License. This is a Multi Software license

    If your company has purchased 1 Permanent license, contact us for your Discount on Multiple Licenses.

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    Online Timed Use License

    Show Director can be rented for online use for periods of one week up to months at a very affordable cost. Use it as you need it for the periods of the year when you need it, anywhere in the world. You can install and authorize two computers with one unique license. Only one computer can run at the same time. You must always be online to use the Online Version.

    You can register a new computer up to 4 times.

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    Demo License

    Fully functional paid demo versions are available for a two-week period.

    Online use, internet connection  required with no disconnections longer than one hour.

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    Changing Computers

    You can de-authorize one computer, install the software and authorize another one directly from Show Director software Help menu, up to four times. For further authorizations please contact us:

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    How does online Activation work?

    Online activation check calls are made over the Internet to regularly validate that the software is still active, authorized and has not expired. It also checks for available upgrades.

    When these calls are made, several validation checks are performed including activation validation, expiration date validation and active installation id checks. If the product has expired, the product will shut down and return the user to the Activation form to reinstate its use.

    If the product is not online when these online validation checks are made there are some allowances.

    The Permanent version will simply continue and try again the next hour. This will continue until the user gets reconnected with Internet and we can validate their product.

    The Online version of the products requires continuous Internet access. If you have been disconnected from the Internet for more than a short period of time, the software will shut down until you get a connection.

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    What are the costs*?

    ShowDirector is the preferred professional software solution for easy use, speed, creative potential and time saving features. It is used with the major firing systems and is now available in the following affordable options:

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    How can I Pay?

    Payment can be done online through PayPal or with Credit Cards;

    If you prefer direct Invoicing and other method of payment contact us at

    Contact us for more information!

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    Can I buy now?

    Yes you can. Buy it Now!


  • For me the new VSD 8 is the most flexible tool in history. On the projects we do we do have to program quick and often we have to make last minute changes in scripts. With all the new fields, features and editing tools programming is faster than ever before.  I love to stretch my cues, I love to autocomplete. Visualisation is much easyer to realize. .With VSD 8 it is easy to program for other systems than pyrodigital. As a designer this is for me a great advantage. Programming is fun again. Go out there, Try it, Enjoy it. Paul Philipsen Creative Director Pyrofoor de Amsterdam

    Paul Philipsen – PyroFoor de Amsterdam
  • ShowDirector is for me, from far, the most fast and versatile show script software on the market.

    Vitor Machado – Luso Pirotecnia
  • I have had the opportunity to use the new Show Director 8 and really enjoy the new features. They provide even more time savings in the show design process. I currently have licenses for all the major choreography software packages on the market, I still find Show Director to be my go to software for choreography. The power of the unlimited filters provides the most flexibility of any software package currently available to design thing "your way" No one package has the perfect one app does everything title, but Show Director comes mighty close! Its a solid investment for any professional choreographer

    Brian Panther – Pyrotek
  • We think that the new functions of VSD 8 make of this most successful software of the market. The new columns "CUSTOM » allows every user to configure his" universe "according to his desire. We find now the programming in the 1/100th of second and especially to being able to send in automatic decimal modules to 32 ways. As a consequence, it is possible to create a script in automatic addressing for FireOne Ultrafire. I personally tested this transfer successfully. It is necessary for it to have the version 0.9.4 of FireOne Ultrafire. There is also new functions as to copy / paste of numerous columns, the update of time by modification of the column " NEXT ", etc.... This version is much more flexible and more evolutionary than the previous. Other point the abolition of the security donggle is more comfortable. Congratulation for this product who answer more the users expectation. Jean-Pierre COSTES Groupe Lacroix-Ruggieri Research and Development 

    Jean~Pierre COSTES – Ruggieri
  • When the first version of Show Director was made available, it instantly changed our lives. Suddenly we had control over our COMPLETE concepts again. Every upgrade of Show Director has increased our creative speed and production accuracy over the previous version. In short, Show Director and Pyrodigital have changed the basic approach of how we produce and integrate our products worldwide. Show Director integrated so quickly and completely...that I cannot imagine an alternative

    Eric Tucker
  • We have been using Show Director since it was developed. We are using 17 Show Director software’s to make programs by our 17 designers. We will use it for a show with more than 800 modules with 13500 cues for our biggest show in Yokohama, and more than 300 modules for the Kachimai Fireworks Show in Hokkaido

    Toshikatsu Ogatsu – MARUTAMAYA CO. LTD.
  • Showdirector is my tool to realize any pyrotechnic concept that comes to my imagination in an easy, efficient and accurate way. Programming is fast and stable. I have been using it more than a decade around the world with different firing systems from live concerts and TV shows, to complex pyromusical competitions and even in Olympic Game Ceremonies with great success. Support and latest development is remarkable

    Pavlos Nanos
  • Show Director has been a key in our show design process for the entire Pyro Spectaculars by Souza team. I am please to have used Show Director on many spectacular show designs from Olympics to Super Bowls, Montreal to Hong Kong and from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Golden Gate taking us from Sea to Shining Sea

    James R. Souza – PyroSpectaculars by Souza
  • Show Director has allowed me to live continually in a visualized world. If I can think it, I can Show Director has allowed me to live continually in a visualized world. If I can think it, I can script it - always relative to effect time. It has changed my professional world. Power, stability, flexibility and just as importantly, delicacy when required. Show Director continues to deliver and evolve.

    Eric Tucker
  • Pyrotecnico prides ourselves on creating the most innovative displays. With its user friendly interface and cutting edge technology, Infinity Visions’ Show Director software helps us to consistently push the creative boundaries

    Pyrotecnico Creative Director Rocco Vitale III
    Pyrotecnico Creative Director

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