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Pioneering Innovation in the Digital Art of Pyrotechnics

A new and unparalleled design creativity tool for the DMX technology, for flames, cryo, fountains, lights, etc.

Show Director Control included in Visual Show Director offers a 3D Simulation and unique scripting platform for pyrotechnics and DMX Fx.
Show Director Control is a Windows PC application that runs stand alone and executes on the Show Directors PyroInfinity firing table files (.tbi).  Show Director Control is an extension of Show Director and it is assumed that the reader is familiar with Show Director, its scripts and running a simulation.
Show Director Control can be slaved to Show Director and act as an intermediary that gives Show Director the ability to be a fully functioning field controller interface.  In addition to having Show Director run the show, Show Director Control can also act as a stand-alone field controller interface when used in conjunction with any of the supported field controllers.
Show Director Control is a complete and full featured field controller to run any show that Show Director can generate.  Show Director Control can load, validate, convert and distribute the firing script to any of the supported field controllers.  It can then go on to arm the system, and execute the show in either manual or auto-play modes.  It has an over-ride to hold firing even as the show continues playing and has a hard stop command.  It can also manually fire any module/pin at any time, even during a shows execution.
Show Director Control can also receive external timing syncs from Show Director so that it can sync the playback of a show to music time-codes or any other source of time sync that Show Director supports.
Firing script can be dynamically updated by Show Director Control even while the show is executing so that lock outs or timing changes can be added while a show is in progress.  It is also possible to execute only subsections of your script with just a click of a button (Macros) or lock out sections of show by position, module or other custom lock settings.

Show Director Control works currently with ENTTEC USB Interface, and various DMX wireless transmitters.

DMX USB Pro SKU: 70304

Open DMX USB SKU: 70303

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Show Director Control replaces expensive DMX panels, is easy to use and allows faster and more creative design.


Read; User’s Manual

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