A  stand alone application to view Visual Show Director fireworks simulations in 3D.

Give your customers or crews a TRUE 3D LIVE experience of your shows with outstanding presentations!
VR Goggles ready with a windowless screen for immersion viewing in virtual desktop with your VR application.

The user can interact with FULL NAVIGATION CONTROL, experience the maximum computer graphic quality resolution and transmit and store with minimal file size. This is not video!

If you want to show your simulation with the highest possible quality and let the user move in the 3D space with his mouse, then VSD Player is the solution.

Just Open a show, play it and fly around with your mouse or keyboard arrows!

Download VSDPlayer

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Visual Show Director Player is a unique and ideal tool for Sponsors, Producers, Multimedia Show Directors, TV Directors, Photographers and Crews to preview, plan rehearsals and prepare in advance video recording and photo shoots of fireworks shows.

Publish your shows in .vfx proprietary format with the VSD Producer and give the show files and application to your clients, or your sales representatives. Give your fireworks Crews a virtual preview of the fireworks show that they are going to produce with the highest quality and detail.

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