“Money spent on the brain is never spent in vain.” Joe Griffith

“Visual Show Director? Smarter not Harder” Matt Wood


Alberto Navarro, President–Art Director of Infinity Visions Inc, will conduct the seminars.
Seminars will be a 2 day seminar for BASICS  followed by a three day MASTERS. Inscriptions are separate. MASTERS requires proficiency in Show Director scripting.

The focus of BASICS will be on a practical and comprehensive learning of the basics of operation design and choreography with VisualShowDirector Scripting software. A full practice of all the functionalities of ShowDirector to give the user all the benefits of the software.The focus is in maximizing efficiency designing and preparing for production a show, reducing the labor time needed.

The focus of MASTERS will be on the visualization functionalities. The student will acquire full proficiency training on creative 3D simulation techniques.
Creation of effects and EffectsManagers with FX-Generator.
VSD-Position-Editor for the creation of sites with 3D models and pictures,  use of beams for Lights, Lasers and Image projections, and 3D Objects animation.
Use of the Viewer and Producer for video production, cameras, lens angles, stereoscopic rendering and post production after-effects for high quality professional video presentations.
Introduction to Sketchup for assembling of models and Apple Motion5 for video post production.

Both seminars will have an introduction the new compatibilities of VSD with other firing systems, so multiple systems users can attend and benefit from the features of VSD.

Each Seminar will focus on one practical project. There will also be a General Discussion, Question & Answer period each day.
The daily schedule is tentative and the timing and depth can be adjusted depending on skills and time needed for comprehension of participants.
There will be 6 hours of lessons per day. Additional 2 unsupervised hours can be allocated for practices.
Attendants to the seminar will have a 20% discount on Upgrades and New Licenses
Space is limited and must be reserved in advance.



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