PyroStudios ISO-BOOST

PyroStudios’ Iso-Boost is the latest offering in our line of Pyrodigital-compatible hardware. The Iso- Boost is powered by PyroStudio’s battery pack and provides 2500 Volts Rms of complete isolation between its input and its optically-isolated output. The Iso-Boost also outputs full firing power levels to all the FM’s connected to its output, thus allowing usage with extremely long cables runs of lower cost, light gauge cable. The Iso-Boost also re-conditions the digital signals passing through it, is completely transparent to the user, and adds no latency to the signal whatsoever. • Boost the voltage levels to full firing power allowing the use of extremely long cable runs of lower cost, lighter gauge high quality shielded twisted pair XLR cables. • Create isolated sections of a show network to avoid system-wide faults in the case of a catastrophic failure or system short (such as a cable burning, for instance). • An operator can turn the battery pack “off” to shut down a section of the show, whilst the rest of the show keeps on firing. Can be extremely useful when the main panel operator doesn’t have direct line of sight over the whole show setup. • Regenerate a weak signal at the end of extremely long cable runs

Iso Boost

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