Displays the show at runtime while scripting it. Your cues on screen immediately.

The Viewer is the component that plays a whole show. The component works in window mode.

Window mode: the component runs in a window, and the controls (play, stop, etc etc) are outside the Viewer.
The options are customizable by buttons, inside of a single toolbars; this buttons opens other forms that let you choose the appropriate parameters.

Graphic & Sound options
this button lets you choose the preferences for the graphic and sound behaviour of the viewer; the parameters inside the form are:

  • Rendering type
  • Window size
  • Texture filtering
  • mip-mapping
  • Mouse sensibility
  • Sound flag
  • Sound volume


Wind panel
this button lets you choose the preferences for the wind simulation; the parameter inside the form are:

  • Wind flag
  • Wind direction
  • Wind force


Misc preferences
this button lets you choose the general dynamic preferences:

  • Show positions
  • Random rotation flag
  • Height variation
  • Show sky & terrain flag


The other components in the toolbar are related to controls that must be available for the control of the show:

  • play, stop, pause, go to begin, go to end, back, forward
  • play time
  • camera position
  • field of view


There is another run mode for the Viewer, that lets play the stereo shows. In this mode, the Viewer runs totally at full screen, with a fixed resolution, and the controls are with keyboard.

For complete details, please refer to its User’s Guide

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