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FC-E Raptor

FC-E Raptor


FC-E Raptor

FC-E Raptor

The Pyrodigital® Field Controller Model E is a robust, versatile and powerful Firing Computer for digitally choreographed fireworks displays and special effect shows. The device provides the following features:

  • Isolated Phase III Network Output, with powerful driver electronics and thermal circuit breaker
  • Full backwards-compatibility with prior Pyrodigital® devices (Firing Modules as well as Field Controllers)
  • Intuitive design: No extensive training required to learn the new device. 2 years warranty
  • USB connection for script table download and upload
  • Direct script editing
  • 2 tables with 640 script lines each
  • Manual firing with semi-automatic macro sequences of up to 9.9 seconds length.
  • Fully automated firing synchronous to internal clock.
  • Fully automated firing synchronous to external timecode (additional accessory needed)
  • Ultra-stable internal clock
  • Manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic continuity testing
  • 3-way safety key: OFF – Check – Fire
  • Integrated safety key warning system
  • Simplified Manual Fire Mode
  • Included charger
  • Integrated battery status indicator
  • Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries for reliable and safe performance and easy transportation. No lithium batteries.
  • Optional password protection
  • Device temperature monitoring
  • Included dead-man pickle with fire trigger

Price in Euros Ex-Works Germany.



Product Description

Includes; ! Charge, USB cable, 1 Deadman pickle.

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