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Product Description

18 Easy Ways to Work Smarter, Not Longer

Working insanely long hours is doing you more harm than good. It’s time to distance yourself from the cult of overwork–here’s how.

The 18 new features of the new version 8.3 of Visual Show Director and Show Director will cut design and production time substantially with many automation procedures that now are now done manually.

Your investment will pay off quickly saving work time. Work Smarter not Longer!

1. Multi-select Shift-Click on Wave dialog to select cues
Selecting In and Out Cue Markers in the wave, selects the corresponding cues in the Script.

2. Music beat detection for cue insertion
A selection in the wave in between two cues or the entire wave can be auto cued based on peak points in the wave form.

3. .mp3 load/convert to .wav for SD
A .mp3 format file can be selected from the File Menu, the application will convert automatically to .wave to display in the waveform and use as time reference.

4. Script Update of Effects.
All Effects or a selection of Effects in a Script can be updated from a new Effects Manager with new information with one key stroke.  CTRL-SHFT-E

5. Add Script Effect to Effects Manager.
A REF in the Script not present in the Effects Manager can be added to the Effects Manager with all the effect information. Ctrl-Shift-A

6. Change CGHZ max to 999

7. Automatic MACRO creation.
A function that by using the values in CGHZ column creates macros, making the times equal and adding the intervals of the sequence to the PFT in firing order.

8.Auto-Number for Module/Pin.
Tallies up all positions then allocates the correct number of Modules and assigns Pins.

9. Effects Manager MERGE.
Update existing Effects Manager with new products or new product information from New Effects Managers.

10. Script Effects Filter from Effects Manager.
By selecting a row or rows in the Effects Manager it will filter all the same effects present in the Script.

11. Quick Sort.
By clicking consecutive columns a sort is put in place.

12. Auto Add Sort.
A quick sort in place can be named and added to the Script or Effects Sort Files in the Project.

13. Script and Effects Filters Managers Additive.
Selecting multiple filters in the Script or Effects Filters Managers with Ctrl Key creates a filter including all data in those filters.

14. Filter Out Unique.
By selecting a column a filter can be created with unique values; positions, calibers, etc.

15. Managers Windows Navigation.
Script Effects, Managers, Sorts and Filters windows can be now swapped with SHIFT-TAB. No need to tile, move or collapse.

16. Save All Layouts.
All the Managers windows layouts can be saved in one single command and re imported in new projects.

17. New Menu Items and Icon Toolbars.
The new functions add new menu voices, shortcuts, and new icons.

18. Comm Port selection expanded in TimeCode Configure
To adapt to multiple connections of Modems and Field Controller in the new Pyrodigital FC-A. more ports are available. (Limited to 4 in previous versions)

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