The Script Sort File

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The Script Sort File

This is very important for organizing the firing Table. Normally the Script is chronological, a Sort File will help to arrange the Script based on other parameters. For example, The Script can be arranged in order of Position, Caliber, Quantity, Tilt, Reference. This allows the Script to be sorted such that Addressing of shots can be done automatically!!!

This contains all possible Sort combinations for all columns that you wan to create. This file can be opened in multiple Projects, saving once your preferred sorts for future use.  All columns of the Script Manager are present in the Script Filter Manager.

You need to give a name to the Sort and then proceed to insert the values of your Sort Order.
Value 1, will be the first column sorted, and so on. Positive values sort Ascending. Negative values sort Descending.
The display order of the columns in the Script Sort Manager, will change accordingly to the sort order, to help you visualize the Sort.

The Sort names will be displayed in the Script View Tool-bar:

When you select a name in the Drop-Down menu the Script will change accordingly to the settings of the Sort.

Sorts and Filters Selection

You can select the Sort and Filter directly from the  Script or Effects Sort & Filter Managers. Select the row and press enter will change the view of the Script or Effects Manager, and it will be reflected in the drop down boxes where you previously had to do the selections.

Quick and Additive Sort

  1. Quick Sort by using the three new tool-bar buttons, Sort Ascending, Sort Descending and Clear Sort.  Select a column that you want to be your primary sort.  Press either the Sort Ascending or the Sort Descending button

  1. If you select additional columns and presses either the Sort Ascending or Sort Descending buttons it will add additional levels of sorting.  To clear the quick sort, press the Clear Quick Sort button.
  2. Apply multiple Script or Effects Filters
    1. Selecting one or more Script Filters or Effects Filters and Right Clicking will apply all filters selected.

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