The Script Filter File

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The Script Filter File

Filtering will cause the Script file to show&hide certain data. For example, if the Script contains two field controllers FC1 & FC2 the Script can be Filtered for only one of the field controllers, in this case FC1. After being filtered, the script will only display cues to be shot by FC1 and the newly filtered Script can therefore be quickly available to load into the Controller. This way the show can be designed on One single table.

It contains all possible Filter combinations for all columns that you can create.
This file can be opened in multiple Projects, saving your preferred filters for future use. This window or selection panel serves to create the Table files that will be downloaded to the Field Controller. You can assign to every filter a Field Controller ID (serial number, labels..) and a Firing Table ID.

There is a Function to see the Unfiltered Cue, to avoid miss-download of firing data.

Steps in Creating a Filter

NAME: In this field you enter the name of the Filter. This will become the name of the Firing Table file (.tab), if you assign a value in the FC ID and FT ID columns. The names of the Filter will be displayed in the Drop-Down Toolbar

In this filed you enter the number of the Field Controller. It can be any number, no letters. You can put the Serial Number to identify the FC if you want. In the Download Manager (see later: Firing Tables Manager) you can select each FC with the display of the Tables assigned to it.

In this field you put the number of the Firing table assigned to the Field Controller. The values are hexadecimal, as are in the Firing Tables. Therefore, you can enter up to 12 Tables, from 0 to B. The program won’t let you enter a value superior to B.

The Columns in Green or Red are Ranges:

If values remain at 0, the range is not taken into consideration.

Sorts and Filters Selection: When you select a name in the Drop-Down menu the Script will change accordingly to the settings of the Filter.

You can select the Sort and Filter directly from the  Script or Effects Sort & Filter Managers. Select/highlight the row and press enter will change the view of the Script or Effects Manager, and it will be reflected in the drop down boxes where you previously had to do the selections.

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