The Creation Process

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The Creation Process

The Project

The creation of a Project (.pyr) is the first step to design a show.

The Project contains:
Two files for the appearance and display of the Grid and Tool bars.

These files are created automatically when the project is saved according to the configuration that the user has made.
The files can be renamed in another project with the new project name and this will adopt the configuration that they contain.

The Project contains and associates a group of files necessary to display a show: The following files must be created or selected in this order to use the software.

The Project can also contain optional files not necessary to display a show but useful for the operation of the Script Manager and Effects Manager:

Script and Effects Filters and Sorts can be associated in the Script or Effect View tool bar to create a view that combines a filtered Script Manager or Effect Manager sorted in a specific way.

For complete details in the VISUAL APPLICATIONS , please refer to their own User's Guide

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