Script filter File Operations

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The Script Filter File Operations

From the File Menu, the following functions are accessible for the Script Filter File

Script Filter Manager AutoCreate

You can now automatically create a set of Effect Filters based on column data from Effect Manager.  Select a column in Effect Manager then in Effect Filter Manager double-click the empty FilterName cell.  You can also AutoCreate with two neighboring

Columns selected for a compound effect. A dialog will ask if you wish to AutoCreate the filters, select Yes.  

A set of Filters will be created based on the column or columns you selected and the column data that matches at least one row in your Effect Manager.  

Filter Word based.

You can create a filter based in a single word or description. Name the Filter and Shift Double Click in a cell containing the description. A dialog will ask you if you want to add that description to the filter selected. Once included in the Filter you can delete the part of the Description that you don't need and leave just the word. You can also type the word directly in a Filter column.

Partial Match on Filters

For Script and Effect Sorts, all text fields now will match case-insensitive on a partial sort.  If, for example, you have a Sort for Description that is "Yellow" it will find all Descriptions with the word "Crackling" or "crackling" or “CRACKLING".

Easy Add to Script- Effect Filter Manager

When you have a row selected in Script-Effect Filter Manager and you press Shift-Double Click in a cell in the Script- Effect Manager, you will be asked if you wish to add that cell data to the selected filter. Yes will add the data into the correct cell, No will go into normal Edit for the cell.

For the Columns VISUALREFERENCE, VIDEOLINK and PICTURELINK that have links to the Test Viewer, Video Player or Website, to view the linked effects, just double click to view. Other Show Director Changes

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