Script and Effects Managers Common Tools

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Script and Effects Managers Common Tools

The Script and Effects Manager share these common tools.

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Ordered from left to right:

Sort Script by Time (Ctrl-T)  Sorts the script by time.

Sort Ascending

Sort Descending

Sort Selection Ascending

Sort Selection Descending

Find Replace

Universal Find/Replace in all the Managers. Shift+F3

Filter Find / Replace

This function allows you to filter the results of searches of the "Find / Replace" tool

1)        Click where you want to search and filter

2)         Click on the icon Find / Replace tool or press SHIFT + F3

3)        The main window appears

4)         Enter what you want to search

5)        Click on Find

6)        Click Filter to filter by the cell our found

All ShowDirector Managers Grids now support Column Copy, Cut and Paste. It is limited to columns on the same grid and of the similar data types. Some data types can't be copied between columns (for example, while you can put a CUE number into a text field such as CUSTOM3, you can't put that CUSTOM3 value back into the CUE).

Copy Column  Copies a selection in a Column. Select first cell and press Shift to select the last row of the selection. Click the icon of the tool. Copies data.

Paste Column. Pastes copied data of the same format into another column. Select the cell  to insert copied data and press the icon tool.

Quick Filter - Reset Filter - Unfiltered Rows

Script and Effects QuickFilter are additive now. If you have a filter in place and select a new QuickFilter, it will add to the end of the existing filter. This continues until you select Reset Filter.

Cross Filters  

This option can set filters in the Script Manager from a selection in the Effects Manager or in the Effect Manager from a selection in the Script Manager.

  1. In either the Script Manager or the Effect Manager, click on a cell in a column common to both.
  2. Press the 'Cross Filter' icon
  3. In the example below, the REF value in the Effect Manager is used to create a filter in the Script Manager

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