Firing Tables Manager

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Firing Table selection and Download

If you have used Filters to separate and specify each Firing Table, the Script Filter Manger will look like this:

And the Firing Table Manager, like this:

Field Controller: Selects the Field Controller Number. Firing Tables: Selects the number of Tables in conjunction with The Field Controller Memory settings.

Serial Port: Chooses the serial port to send the data to the Field Controller.

Status: Shows the status of the Firing Table: Pending, Downloaded or Failed

If you make a change in the Script, make sure to click UPDATE or UPDATE ALL, to reflect the changes in the file downloaded to the Field Controller (.tab)

Click DOWNLOAD and follow the messages to download to the Field Controller.

OK. Saves the settings and exits the Firing Table Manager.

Build FSK

PyroDigital table download has a new feature to output the script to a FSK encoded wave file to download to the FC3 via Audio Input.

This function allows to send the wave file to operator in the field and just download via audio.


This new firing table manager is used to create firing files for FireDirector control software  and to program Monetti SQ3 sequencers.

You can download each SQ3 individually. Tables for each module are created automatically by Show Director.
For operation of the Monetti SQ3 refer to its user's guide.

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