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This new function auto-completes sequences of positions, angles and any column you want.
AutoComplete can be used also in the REF column to create a sequence of references.

The logic of the auto-complete function

This function, is based on the user input. It finds the increment gap in your sequence and goes to fill the rest

TIP: You can first create duplicates of the same effect (Ctrl-A) and then make the sequencing.

Note: the sequence is calculated on the first two cells of the selection.

To auto Fill a column

  1. Select the first cell you want to use as the base of the sequence.While pressing the Shift key, select the last row in which you want to auto Fill. The selection is highlighted and the first two cells of the selection are used to create the sequence.

  1. Press CTRL+F10, and the selected columns content, of the selected rows, will be filled automatically by the auto-complete function

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