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The Macro function uses the MACRO column to set the numbers for the different macros. Make the MACRO column visible.

For Pyrodigital* download you will need to copy the MACRO column into the CGHZ column or match the numbers. Use the Copy Paste Column Tools.

Select a cue with a MACRO value other than zero and select from the menus Cues->Create Macro.

For the current script view, all cues with the matching MACRO value will be tallied and their Cue Time will be set to the value of the highest value.  

However, all of the PFT values will be set so that the original cue time is kept.  

That is to say that a macro with the correct fire times will be created based on PFT and the highest cue time.

* Macros in Pyrodigital are limited to a total of 9.9 seconds time.  After that you will need to break them down into separate macros.

Macro function for PYROMAC

The MACRO function is useful for scheduling different semi-automatic sequences where the first

shot is manual and continuous sequence of shots.

To add macros:

1) Layout for Pyromac loaded (see Addressing Pyromac - Step 1)

2) Macro column groups the sequences with the same number

3) Export show to the firing system (see Addressing Pyromac - Step 4)

4) Remember to click No to export as Manual Macros

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