Configure TimeCode

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Configure TimeCode

  1. Select the first row and while pressing the Shift cue, select the last row.Go to Cues menu and select Export Cues. The save Export cues window will appear. Give a name to the Exported cues, ex: 'Script2sec'.Go back to the Script and select all the Rows, by selecting the first row, pressing Shift and selecting the last row, then press delete.Your Script is empty.Go to the Cues menu and select Import Cues. The Import cues window will appear.Select Insert Cue at time, and enter the offset, 2 sec= 00:00:02:00Click OK.
  2. The new cues will fill the Script with the 2 second offset.

You will observe that the music cues and Script cues now match while playing back.

If you are firing the show with a CD, with Music in the Left and Pyrodigital time code in the right channel, the CD recording software pause does not affect the synchronization, as both channels are playing simultaneously.

A Wave file (.wav):

Wave file configuration is automatically selected when you open a Wave File from the File Menu. (See Configuring Wave Display)

The TimeCode dialog has had additional ComPorts added, upping it from 4 to 16

Pressing the button Generate Time Code file will open the following window:

Select the Time Code type, number of seconds to generate, a start time and the name and destination for the wave file.
Click Generate and wait until finished. It will take longer for longer durations

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