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Script Commands and Syntax: BEAM

BEAM ( lighting & lasers and image projections)

The beam reference is built inside the VsdPos3D and can be exported (copied to the clipboard) from inside the VsdPos3D by right-clicking and selecting Export key-framing string.

The string code has the following syntax:


beam(duration*number of repeats*initial z angle*number of angles*angle1*time1*...*angleN*timeN*initial y angle*number of angles*angle1*time1*...*angleN*timeN*initial x angle*number of angles*angle1*time1*...*angleN*timeN*initial color*number of colors*color1*time1*...*colorN*timeN*initial start diameter*number of start diameters*start diam.1*time1*...*start diam.N*timeN*initial final diameter*number of final diameters*final diam.1*time1*...*final diam.N*timeN*initial length*number of lengths*length1*time1*...*length N*timeN*initial brightness*number of brightnesses*brightness 1*time1*...*brightness N*timeN)

The values of the string are based in the Modifiers values set in the VSDPOS. An initial cue can have a complete number of modifiers and a following one can just have one modifier.

Due to the length and complexity of the strings it is better to modify the values in the VSDPOS and export the string.

If you want you can also make modifications directly in the string. Here is an example:


Beam (duration (300)*repetition count (1)*Z90*1*0*300 stands for: Z initial is 90, there is 1 change, 0 is the next Z value, 300 is the transition time*and so on for the others... *C is color *O is start diameter*D is final diameter*L is length*B is brightness)
The letter represents the beam property... Z,Y and X are the beam angles... B is the brightness, O and, L is length, and...
After the letter, there is always the initial value so Z90 means that the initial Z value is 90, and so on for the other letters
The number after the * is the number of transitions
Then, after this number, there are couples of numbers *N*T where N is the new value of the beam property and T is the transition time
for example: CFFFF80*1*FFFF80*300 means that the initial color is FFFF80... then the color changes one time, in particular the new color will be FFFF80 in 3 seconds

Lengths of the beam can be adjusted
L150*1*150*300 means that the initial length is 150, then the length changes one time, in particular the new length will be 150 in 3 seconds


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