3D Position Editor

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3D Position Editor

The application is used to create position sites, generate light beam animation effects and animate 3dimensional objects.

Library: shows the content of a position library; a library consists of a collection of sites; each site consist of a background filename (3d model: .3ds or bitmap file: .bmp, .jpg, or .tga), stage size and square size factor, sky and terrain bitmap filenames, etc.

Object Hierarchy: this panel shows the object hierarchy tree, i.e. a tree that shows the relationship between the several objects inside a site.

Position Grids: this panel shows, for each site, the positions like a database, so the user can modify positions coordinates and attributes by typing in this grids.

Key-framing: this panel shows a time line that can be used to establish an animation for a beam or for an object.

Tool Options: this panel shows all the options relative to a particular tool;

Groups and Selections: this panel shows the tools relative to group of positions.

If you are using Visual and don't want to have all the positions listed you can create a group of positions in the 3D Position Editor. Then use @groupname in the cue. It will fire from all the positions in the group. Obviously for the addressing and set up you have to paste all the positions in that @ cue. If you made an empty script with all the positions in the groups, use Import Cues to paste them, and then fill down the parameters of the cue and the REF for inserting same effects.

For complete details in the 3D POSITION EDITOR , please refer to its User's Guide

A Typical 3D POSITION EDITOR layout

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